Determing printed page info via two pass printing

My app prints multiple pages of text and graphics.  I need to know
which page various information will appear (e.g., to create a table of
contents, for page references between pages, etc).  It is difficult to
calculate which page the information will appear, because the page
breaks vary based on the printer's dc (e.g., font sizes, paper sizes,
etc).  I am using StartDoc(), OnBeginPrinting(), my own print dialog,
etc. and not supporting MFC's print preview.

It seems the best way (and maybe only way) to determine which page
various information will appear is to print in two passes.  The first
pass would simply be to calculate which page the information will be
printed on, and the second time would do actual printing.  I can
prevent the first pass from being printed by calling dc.AbortDoc() at
the end of the pass.  This ALMOST does what I need, except called
AbortDoc "clears" the dc (i.e., causes it to forget page sizes, etc).
To restore the dc, I have to basically redisplay the print dialog and
create another dc (which works, but it obviously is not practical to
display the print dialog twice!).

Do you have any ideas how I can do this "two pass" printing, but not
actually have the first pass go to the printer?  I sort of need a way
to remove everything that was sent to the printer in the first pass,
without actually clearing the dc.  Or maybe I need to "print" to a
memory dc that has the same properties (i.e., height, width, margins,
etc.) as the printer dc on the first pass...

Thanks for any advice!


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8/11/2005 6:00:29 PM
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