Deployment of MFC/COM IE Toolbar

Hi Everyone,

A newbie here. I'm having problems deploying my toolbar that I created
in VS6 VC++ which is based upon MS's KBBar sample. I hope someone here
could point out my mistakes.

The toolbar works fine on my PC. VS6 registers the components and when
I start IE, I see my toolbar under View->Toolbars. I select it and my
toolbar appears and I'm able to click my buttons and the correct
callbacks occur.

I then made a Win32ReleaseMinSize Release and in my output
"ReleaseMinSize" directory, files generated are:
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            45,056 CVToolbarInstall.dll
13/03/2006  03:10 PM             1,023 CVToolbarInstall.exp
13/03/2006  03:10 PM             1,734 CVToolbarInstall.lib
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            31,230 KBBar.obj
13/03/2006  03:10 PM         7,477,556 KBBar.pch
13/03/2006  03:10 PM             8,076 KBBar.res
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            14,228 KBBarBand.obj
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            21,668 KBComboBox.obj
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            18,610 KBToolBarCtrl.obj
13/03/2006  03:10 PM                22 regsvr32.trg
13/03/2006  05:19 PM                 0 ReleaseMinSizeFiles.txt
13/03/2006  03:10 PM             3,353 StdAfx.obj
13/03/2006  03:10 PM            58,368 vc60.idb

So then I downloaded VS Installer and included my 2 files -
CVToolbarInstall.dll and KBBar.tlb.

In the Registry section of the Installer, I at first registered the
following key/values:

@=[TARGETDIR]CVToolbar.dll    "ThreadingModel"="Apartment"

 @="{3277CD27-4001-4EF8-9D96-C6CA745AC2F9}"   "Version"="1.0"

[HKEY_CURRENT_ROOT\KBBar.KBBarBand\CurVer]   @="KBBar.KBBarBand.1"

[HKEY_CURRENT_ROOT\KBBar.KBBarBand.1]   @="KBBarBand"

@="kbbar 1.0 Type Library"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar]

I deployed the .msi installer file on another machine. Everything
looked correct, all registrations were done and no errors were
reported. I opened IE, and there was my toolbar under Views->Toolbars.
But when I went to select it, nothing happened. No tick next to it,

I made a comparison of my registry before and after VS6 registered the
components on my machine and I noticed that apart from the last one for
toolbar, all of the the above registrations were also created for

So I tried that. It didn't work either.

Should I perhaps include some other dll file in my deployment project?
If so, which one(s)? I'm really at lost as to how to make this work.
Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks heaps.


3/13/2006 4:50:08 PM
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