CWinapp::onExitInstance - problems

this is about using a dll i have made in another language. called from
a MFC dll that has an instance of CwinApp

i have a dll i programemd in delphi.. it uses indyTcp server, it has
exported DLL methods to starting, and stopping the server
which including freeing classes etc, sets to true and

i am calling this dll from microsoft visual C++ (using loadlibrary,
get procaddress)
this is working fine, i can turn on the server, it behaves how i want,
and i can turn it off. and everything gets unloaded from memory fine,
if i call the turnoffserver methods in the delphi dll during teh
normal execution of the app

The problem i am having is my app that calls the delphi dll, is a
plugin itself (a dll)
and the host doesn't call any function to say (clean up dude)
so i rely on windows DLL unloading mechanism (which i do my using my
mfc Cwinapp::OnExitInstance()
however during this onExitINstance of the dll i notice certian things
just don't work (like showing a messagebox etc), and sadly my code
that is turning of the indy tcp/ip server, (well probably the code
inside indy actually).. so sadly the tcp/ip servercode doesn't get
turned off, and indy must keep some threads, and my main app cannot
get unloaded from memory (it the app seems to close, and its gone from
the list of applications, but the Process is still there.)

i don't know where i can unload this or how i can unload this.
klumsy (2)
6/18/2004 10:01:37 AM
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