Custom Control and Control Panel Applets

    I am attempting to use a custom control in a property page that is part 
of a control panel applet.   Has anyone successfully done this?    If a 
create the property page and just put the custom control on it (without 
adding any code for the custom control), the property page does not 
display.    I have attempted to create a custom class for this control (one 
which registers itself with windows) but that isn't working either.    From 
some of the articles that I have read, the control panel applet is control 
by a hidden window that I somehow need to make process the messages for my 
custom control (Article by Paul DiLasca, I think).    

If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it...
cariddi (3)
8/31/2005 11:14:00 AM
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Hi Mark,

>I am attempting to use a custom control in a property page that is part 
>of a control panel applet.  ...

Based on my understanding, you want to use a custom control in a property 
page of a control panel applet, and when you click that property page of 
the control panel applet, it just disappears. Please let me know if I have 
misunderstood anything. 

It seems you insert your custom control to the property page's template 
dialog resource at design-time, am I right?

If so, this may be the problem. There is no problem with your custom 
control(you also have tested with other ActiveX controls) and the 
CPropertyPage class, but the .CPL extension has some problems to initialize 
the ActiveX control which you added at design time, so the corresponding 
property sheet shell fails to load. I suggest you import the custom 
control's type library info to your program and create the control it at 
run-time via its Create function.


Best regards,

Gary Chang
Microsoft Community Support
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v-garych (605)
9/1/2005 8:29:36 AM

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