CTreeCtrl and CListCtrl problem

I use create a single document struct using MFC(explore 
style).The left of the window is  CLeftView class(which 
inherit CTreeView).The right is CBrowserView which inherit 
CListView.I want to display the content of a directory in 
the right(CListview) when user click the item of the 

In the LeftViw I add method "void CLeftView::OnClickItem
(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)" because I want to know 
which item be clicked by user.
CTreeCtrl& mtree=GetTreeCtrl();
HTREEITEM item=mtree.GetSelectedItem();
data=mtree.GetItemData(item);"    <---get content of a item

I get the CListView pointer in method "CLeftView::OnDraw
(CDC* pDC)":

"POSITION pos=pDoc->GetFirstViewPosition();
		CView* pview=pDoc->GetNextView(pos);
But the problem is the right don't display the content of 
a directory after I click the item.Not echo :(
Is there any wrong in my code?Thanks!

8/1/2003 1:33:05 PM
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