CToolBarCtrl.Customize() dialog could delete button but not insert

CToolBarCtrl.Customize() dialog could delete button but not insert

A CToolBar is created during FrameWindow::OnCreate(), In response to a
Menu of Customize tool bar, Add handle to this Menu by GetToolBarCtrl
plus ToolBarCtrl.Customize().

As you know if the Framewindow does not response to the WM_NOTIFY of
TBN_QUERYINSERT message with result of TRUE, the Tool bar customize
dialog screen will gone with a flash. So add two handle in Framewindow
of TBN_QUERYINSERT and TBN_QUERYDELETE, now the tool bar customize
dialog display correctly. You can delete the button, buttons deleted
display in the BUTTONLIST list box in the customize dialoge.

At this time comes the problem, you could select the deleted button in
the BUTTONLIST, but you can never put it back to the button CURRENT
list box, no matter drag, double click. Use spy++ check the dialog box
sent TBN_QUERYINSERT to framewindows, and framewindow response with
result TRUE.

Don't know why it did not work.

Below is some related source:

CMainFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct) 
	// TODO: Add your specialized creation code here

//handle of menu toolbar customize
void CMainFrame::OnMenuTbcus() 
	// TODO: Add your command handler code here
	CToolBarCtrl& MyTBCTRL=m_wndMyToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl();

//msg map of WM_NOTIFY in MainFrameWnd

void CMainFrame::ON_TBCUSTI(NMHDR * pNotifyStruct, LRESULT * result)
 	//AfxMessageBox("In the OnTBCus",MB_OK,0);
	//return TRUE;
	* result= TRUE; 

void CMainFrame::ON_TBCUSTD(NMHDR * pNotifyStruct, LRESULT * result)
 	//AfxMessageBox("In the OnTBCus",MB_OK,0);
	//return TRUE;
	* result= TRUE; 

The enviroment is under VC6, NT4, cmmctrl32 version 5.81

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