CListCtrl: Changing the Column Header Layout

Hi all,

I'm using a CListCtrl and I need another layout of the column header,
 - 2 lines of header text
 - changed background and forground colours
 - changeable y-Size

I that possible? I cannot find any information about.

Thanks in advance


8/26/2004 11:58:25 AM
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You should be able to get the header control and do anything with it you want. Go to the
MSDN, look under the topic "ClistCtrl class", and about 17 subitems into it there is a
topic called "header controls" which explains all this. GetHeaderCtrl is what you are
looking for.

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:58:25 +0200, "Richard Rauch" <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm using a CListCtrl and I need another layout of the column header,
> - 2 lines of header text
> - changed background and forground colours
> - changeable y-Size
>I that possible? I cannot find any information about.
>Thanks in advance

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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newcomer (15972)
8/26/2004 2:54:39 PM
> I'm using a CListCtrl and I need another layout of the column header,
> especially
>  - 2 lines of header text
>  - changed background and forground colours
>  - changeable y-Size
> I that possible? I cannot find any information about.

Start here for
multiline header controls

For changing the header colors, you'll want to use CustomDraw.  It's the
easiest way to go about it.

There isn't too much information about it because it's not too common.  Most
people just go with the default style.


Alec S.
alec <@> synetech <.> cjb <.> net

8/28/2004 8:02:06 AM

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