class diagram

I have a short program that is just a class derived from CDialog.

I was told to make a class diagram from it.

Is it customary to include CWnd, CCmdTarget, and CObject on such

Also, is there any way to have VC++ or some other program automatically
generate such diagrams?

Thank you.

bob8587 (17)
6/7/2006 6:13:12 AM
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Hi Bob,

Yes you would include all the parent classes in your class diagram (I'm 
assuming your'e using UML?) as that will show the inheritance stuff

I'm not sure about programs but I know of one documentation tool called 
DOxygen which also generates simple class diagrams in the documentation of 
your classes. Not sure if that's sufficient, or whether you actually need to 
show all the attributes, functions etc in your class diagram

Hope this helps,

"" wrote:

> I have a short program that is just a class derived from CDialog.
> I was told to make a class diagram from it.
> Is it customary to include CWnd, CCmdTarget, and CObject on such
> diagrams?
> Also, is there any way to have VC++ or some other program automatically
> generate such diagrams?
> Thank you.
Isa (36)
6/8/2006 11:19:01 PM

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