CFormView vs. CRecordView

I want to create a dialog looking data entry screen.  I don't want the entry
screen filling the whole view.  I want it to be just enough to hold all the
controls.  Can the recordview do this or does it have to expand to fill the
whole view?  Is so, then probably formview is my best choice?  Correct?

w_gower (280)
12/13/2003 8:14:38 PM
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William Gower wrote:
> I want to create a dialog looking data entry screen.  I don't want the entry
> screen filling the whole view.  I want it to be just enough to hold all the
> controls.  Can the recordview do this or does it have to expand to fill the
> whole view?  Is so, then probably formview is my best choice?  Correct?

No and No. All views expand to fill the main window (unless you are 
using a splitter window).  If you want something smaller then a dialog 
is the thing to use.

If you don't want something that looks and acts like a dialog you could 
consider using a modeless dialog as a portion of your main view.  To do 
this turn off the dialog's titlebar style and use SetWindowPos to 
position it where you want it.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

scottmcp1 (239)
12/13/2003 10:50:06 PM
"Scott McPhillips [MVP]" <> wrote in message news:<#Jg5uucwDHA.2148@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl>...
> William Gower wrote:
> > I want to create a dialog looking data entry screen.  I don't want the entry
> > screen filling the whole view.  I want it to be just enough to hold all the
> > controls.  Can the recordview do this or does it have to expand to fill the
> > whole view?  Is so, then probably formview is my best choice?  Correct?
> > 

One other important difference to consider is that a RecordView will
provide record navigation buttons and will automatically save any
changed data when you move from the record. Whether or not this is a
good thing for your application may assist your choice.

12/15/2003 12:01:10 PM

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