CDaoTableDef - Changing database field properties (ie.text length)

I'm developing an application that uses the MicroSoft Access Jet DB engine.
This is being done using C++ in 
I need to change the user's db when they use the new version of the program. 
In particular I need to change the length of a text field in a pre-existing 
db without loosing the user's data. When I wanted to add a new field I used 
CDaoTableDef and it worked fine, but I can't locate a method to just update  
an existing field's properties.

Any Ideas on how this can be done??

Thanks, Neil

NeilB (111)
4/26/2005 12:41:02 PM
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if you need to alter the attributes of a tabledef object, you create a new
one from the old one, modify the attributes, then append to the database to
add the new onw, then delte the old one.

however, you can do the column update through SQL - have a look at this

roy fine

"Neil B" <> wrote in message
> I'm developing an application that uses the MicroSoft Access Jet DB
> This is being done using C++ in
> I need to change the user's db when they use the new version of the
> In particular I need to change the length of a text field in a
> db without loosing the user's data. When I wanted to add a new field I
> CDaoTableDef and it worked fine, but I can't locate a method to just
> an existing field's properties.
> Any Ideas on how this can be done??
> Thanks, Neil

rlfine8815 (162)
4/28/2005 1:00:57 AM

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