CDaoRecordset::FindFirst() usage

As a novice on database, I am trying to use CDaoRecordset::FindFirst()
function just to check if certain 'Serial Number' exists in other table but
it throws following error:

Error(3077): Syntax error (missing operator) in expression.

Please see following code:


 CDaoTableDef td(m_pDB);
 CDaoRecordset rs(m_pDB);

 // convert serial number string to long number
 char *end;
 long UnitNum=lstrtol(GetSerialNum(),&end,10);
 BOOL faulty = FALSE;

 try {
  td.Open((LPCTSTR)(_T("Table 1")));
 catch (CDaoException* e) {
  return FALSE;
 nFieldCount = td.GetFieldCount();

  strSel=(_T("Select * From ["));
  strSel += (LPCTSTR)(_T("Table 1"));
  strSel += _T("]");

  find.Format("Serial Number = %i", UnitNum);
 catch( CDaoException* e )
  return FALSE;

 // rs is a dynaset-type recordset previously opened
  if (rs.FindFirst(find))    // Error(3077): Syntax error (missing operator)
in expression.
   faulty = TRUE;
 catch( CDaoException* e )
  return FALSE;


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9/17/2004 5:22:52 AM
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On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 17:22:52 +1200, Bob wrote:

> As a novice on database, I am trying to use CDaoRecordset::FindFirst()
> function just to check if certain 'Serial Number' exists in other table but
> it throws following error:
>   find.Format("Serial Number = %i", UnitNum);

The problem is probably that you have a field name that includes *spaces* !

either change the field name or put the field name inside [] in the SQL
sentence. E.g. find.Format("[Serial Number] = %i",UnitNum);

// Anders
9/17/2004 6:52:26 AM

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