Casyncsocket::Connect behavior different in release build

I've a routine that creates a sock_stream (tcp) socket, connects, and
communicates that uses mfc casyncsocket class.  I've been using it in
mode build for a couple years.  After the connect() call, if the return is
it checks if GetLastError is WSAEWOULDBLOCK, and if it is awaits an
OnConnect callback.  It's always worked pretty much "exactly" as the
CAsyncSocket::Connect call describes.

I switched to release build just a few days ago, and have been fixing
various things that worked forgivingly in debug build (mostly
issues).  The really curious thing is that after calling Connect() and
finding the return is 0, I must now accept GetLastError == WSAEWOULDBLOCK
(as before), but also GetLastError == 183.  Trial & error tells me that it
seems to be the normal response of what used to be WSAEWOULDBLOCK.  This
doesn't even look like a winsock error code (it's certainly not over 10000

If 183 is a system error (in my system error code list 183 Cannot create a
file when that file already exists. ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) doesn't make
for a tcp connect() ... treating it identically to WSAEWOULDBLOCK seems to
work and then the program communicates over the socket.

I could just leave it working and move on, but am wondering if the release
build alters the winsock return codes, or if anyone might be able to shed
light on why I am getting this value.

- Rich

6/3/2005 11:19:34 PM
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