Capturing tab events in ActiveX controls

    I have an activex control written in MFC that uses the Document /
View architecture. I am having problems capturing the tab event
properly. The control is embedded in an HTML page and viewed using IE
6. Here's the detail of the issue:
    I have overriden the COleControl::PreTranslateMessage method and
have changed it to post tab messages to the currently active view.
Here's a snapshot of the code that I am using for this purpose:

	switch (pMsg->message)
         case WM_KEYDOWN:
         case WM_KEYUP:
            switch (pMsg->wParam)
	case VK_TAB:
	CView* pView = ((ApplicationFrame*)AfxGetMainWnd())->GetActiveView();
	CWnd *pWnd = pView->GetFocus();
	return TRUE;

    The problem that I am facing is that PreTranslateMessage is
getting called twice for each press of the tab key and consequently it
results in posting two tab messages on the active view.
    I would appreciate if somebody could provide suggestions/ideas on
how I can resolve this.

arup (2)
12/4/2003 10:47:31 PM
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Abstraction wrote:

> 	switch (pMsg->message)
> 	{
>          case WM_KEYDOWN:
>          case WM_KEYUP:
Here is your problem, either you PRESS a button or RELEASE the button, 
you will tab. So forget about the WM_KEYUP.
>             switch (pMsg->wParam)
>             {
> 	case VK_TAB:
> 	CView* pView = ((ApplicationFrame*)AfxGetMainWnd())->GetActiveView();
> 	CWnd *pWnd = pView->GetFocus();
> 	::PostMessage(pView->m_hWnd,WM_NEXTDLGCTL,0,0);
> 	return TRUE;
>    	    }
> 	break;

Danny Springer

12/7/2003 10:43:19 PM

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