Bitmap resize on same DC

I am a little be confused!

I have a custom control with a bitmap inside
I create the bitmap with this code
CClientDC dc(this) ;
if (m_dcGrid.GetSafeHdc() == NULL)
    m_dcGrid.CreateCompatibleDC(&dc) ;
m_nClientWidth,m_nClientHeight) ;
    m_pbitmapOldGrid = m_dcGrid.SelectObject(&m_bitmapGrid) ;

and in OnPaint i have:
CPaintDC dc(this) ;  // device context for painting
CDC memDC ;
CBitmap memBitmap ;
CBitmap* oldBitmap ; // bitmap originally found in CMemDC

memDC.CreateCompatibleDC(&dc) ;
memBitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(&dc, m_nClientWidth, m_nClientHeight)
oldBitmap = (CBitmap *)memDC.SelectObject(&memBitmap) ;

if (memDC.GetSafeHdc() != NULL)
memDC.BitBlt(0, 0, m_nClientWidth, m_nClientHeight,  &m_dcGrid, 0, 0,
dc.BitBlt(0, 0, m_nClientWidth, m_nClientHeight, &memDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY)

memDC.SelectObject(oldBitmap) ;

Now, my goal is to change the bitmap size when the user click on a
How can i proceed?
I have tried with
MyObject->MoveWindow(0,0,300,200) but the result is that the object is
resize, but the bitmap remain of the same size.
Can someone help me?


3/29/2006 9:14:29 AM
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Dont you need to stretch/compress it rather than move it? How about


ajaykalra (6841)
3/29/2006 3:00:37 PM
I have tried it but with non success!
First i always do a MyObject->MoveWindow(0,0,300,200) to resize the
control where the bitmap is stored.
And then i call a function where:

   m_dcGrid.StretchBlt(0, 0, m_nClientWidth, m_nClientHeight,
&m_dcGrid, 0, 0, m_nOriginalWidth, m_nOriginalHeight,  SRCCOPY) ;

Where the "Original" are the for example 500 and 100 and the "Client"
(the new one) are 800, 200.
The OnPaint remain the same.

In this way the control is resized and i see the bitmap resized, but i
still see ONLY the original portion of the Bitmap.

I will try to explain
At start i have a bitmap that fit a control 500x100.
Then a call MoveWindow and the control resize to 800x200. Now i see
only the 500x100 portion of my bitmap, the rest is black.
If i call the StretchBlt i ALWAYS see 500x100 with rest of image black,
but in the rectangle (500x100) i can see that the bitmap has been
enlarged, but i only see a portion of that.

I hope this is clear. Unfortunately is difficult to explain it even in
my language and is more difficult in english!
Help is appreciate.

3/29/2006 3:29:02 PM
I am not sure if I understand it. Try calling StretchBlt without moving
the control. Just see if you can stretch it. Once you have that
working, move the control. 


ajaykalra (6841)
3/29/2006 3:32:12 PM
The StretchBlt return 1, so it seems it works, but on the window i
cannot see any changes

3/29/2006 3:39:08 PM
I have tried another way (but i don't know if is correct)
Create a second bitmap and assign it to the same CDC


    SelectObject(m_dcGrid, BitmapGrid2);

In this way the bitmap is all visible, but this is a new bitmap. I need
to copy the first one into these.
How can i do that?

3/29/2006 3:49:48 PM

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