Anybody recently gotten IActiveDesktop to work?

I am trying to resolve the IActiveDesktop 'undeclared identifier' error and
I've tried everything I've ever found in googled posts with no success.

Just including "shlobj.h" doesn't work.

Including "wininet.h" before "shlobj.h" doesn't work.

Undef'ing the IE version and manually defining it to 0x400 doesn't work
(tried before including wininet.h and shlobj.h)

Et cetera...

Anyone...  Bueller...?


ih8spam (77)
1/22/2004 9:40:45 PM
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Answer is:

    You MUST define wininet.h BEFORE afxdisp.h otherwise you can't define
IActiveDesktop vis shellobj.h.  Great...


"WTH" <> wrote in message
> I am trying to resolve the IActiveDesktop 'undeclared identifier' error
> I've tried everything I've ever found in googled posts with no success.
> Just including "shlobj.h" doesn't work.
> Including "wininet.h" before "shlobj.h" doesn't work.
> Undef'ing the IE version and manually defining it to 0x400 doesn't work
> (tried before including wininet.h and shlobj.h)
> Et cetera...
> Anyone...  Bueller...?
>     WTH

ih8spam (77)
1/22/2004 10:03:00 PM

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