Anchor windows in a view

Hi All,

I need to be able to show permanent windows on a view in 
the form of a tooltip which needs to have an anchor 
placed on any edge.

Does anyone know of any projects in codeproject or 
codeguru or anywhere else??

anonymous (74723)
3/18/2005 4:46:16 PM
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There is number of ways it can be implemented.
The easiest one would be to use CDialogBar and place edit control in it.
Make that bar a child of a frame that hosts a view.

"W Akthar" wrote:

> Hi All,
> I need to be able to show permanent windows on a view in 
> the form of a tooltip which needs to have an anchor 
> placed on any edge.
> Does anyone know of any projects in codeproject or 
> codeguru or anywhere else??
RainMan6256 (150)
3/18/2005 6:03:05 PM

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