an odd problem about listctrl

the following codes:
 m_cListCtrl.EnsureVisible(1, TRUE);

works in a button handle function
but doesn't function OnInitDialog();

i wanna make one of the items in my listctrl hilighted when dialog shows.

thanx for help.
best regards,

kywoo1 (10)
8/17/2003 12:08:55 PM
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it's done,

"Jeff Partch" <> д����Ϣ
> "kywoo" <> wrote in message
> news:%23TKwUhLZDHA.4020@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
> > the following codes:
> >  m_cListCtrl.SetFocus();
> >  m_cListCtrl.SetItemState(1, LVIS_SELECTED, LVIS_SELECTED |
> >  m_cListCtrl.EnsureVisible(1, TRUE);
> >
> > works in a button handle function
> > but doesn't function OnInitDialog();
> >
> > i wanna make one of the items in my listctrl hilighted when dialog
> shows.
> Don't hate me for asking, but do you remember to return FALSE from
> OnInitDialog?
> -- 
> Jeff Partch [VC++ MVP]

kywoo1 (10)
8/17/2003 12:53:48 PM

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