about date time picker in VC7.1 again.

        I did the specific casting of as NMHDR instead of NMDATETIMECHANGE
and it compiles in VC7.1 . But for this particular handler
Inside this handler I am checking if the date time picker control has set
valid date time {if (dtmh->dwFlags == GDT_VALID)}. For that I need to read
flags set in NMDATETIMECHANGE type of structure. How do I do this, or should
i assume it to be valid date time always?

Earlier the handler looked like this:
// This traps the DTN_DATETIMECHANGE notification and checks that the
date/time has actually changed. If it has, then the message is passed on to
the parent
//as normal, otherwise it is blocked.
BOOL CDateTimeCtrl::OnDateTimeChangeNotify(NMDATETIMECHANGE [now changed to
NMDHR only for VC7.1 ] *dtmh, LRESULT* pResult)
        *pResult = 0; // docs say we must return 0
        // Check box notification sent here.
    if (dtmh->dwFlags == GDT_NONE)
        TRACE(_T("control Disabled\n"));
        TRACE(_T("control Active\n"));

    // Has the date changed?
    BOOL bDateChanged = FALSE;

    if (dtmh->dwFlags == GDT_VALID)
            COleDateTime time = GetSystemTime();
            if (time != m_CurrentTime)
                m_CurrentTime = time;
                bDateChanged = TRUE;

        BOOL bUpDownStyle = ((GetStyle() & DTS_UPDOWN) == DTS_UPDOWN);

        if (bUpDownStyle) return FALSE; // Let parent handle message

        // If the control is NOT a DTS_UPDOWN style (ie it has a drop down)
        // then we need to catch multiple notifications of date changes
        // (this can cause infinite loops).
        if (m_bDroppedDown)
            if (bDateChanged)
                return TRUE; // Don't let the parent see the message if not
dropped down
                return FALSE; // Let parent see message, since date hasn't
            return FALSE; // Let parent handle message

Thanks in advance,
Sandip Shahane.


"sandeep" <sshahane@bindview.com> wrote in message
> Hi all,
>     I am using eventhandler class over date time picker control in VC 6.0.
> It has a message map section as below:
> **********
> //{{AFX_MSG_MAP(CDateTimeCtrl)


> While moving my code base to VC 7.1 it gives me following errors in the
> message map section. How can i fix this.
> DateTimeCtrl.cpp(121) : error C2440: 'static_cast' : cannot convert from
> 'BOOL (__thiscall CDateTimeCtrl::* )(NMDATETIMEFORMATW *,LRESULT *)' to
> 'BOOL (__thiscall CCmdTarget::* )(NMHDR *,LRESULT *)'
> None of the functions with this name in scope match the target type

Yes, that's right. An ON_NOTIFY_REFLECT_EX handler function has the
documented prototype...

BOOL memberFxn (NMHDR*, LRESULT*);

....so you need to fix all you handlers to match it. Previous versions of MFC
just shoe-horned the handler functions with a specific cast so anything
would work, but in MFC7 they use static_cast to enforce the proper

Jeff Partch [VC++ MVP]

sshahane (3)
1/10/2004 9:18:15 AM
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