a frame window with its title bar on the top of its menu bar (overlapped) ...


This is related to a previous post of mine, for which I got a lot of help 
from people but the problem was still not resolved.  I am reducing the 
problem to the following piece of code with only one class (CFrameWnd) 
involved.  Please bear with me to look into the problem one more time.

HINSTANCE h = AfxGetResourceHandle();
CFrameWnd *pFrm = (CFrameWnd*)RUNTIME_CLASS(CFrameWnd)->CreateObject();

If nothing goes wrong, the code above should generate a frame window with a 
title "Frame", and a menu bar right below the title bar (I tested it in a 
simple program).  But in my application, it always generates a window with 
the title bar and the menu bar overlapped (the title bar is on the top of 
the menu bar).  If I click on a menu item, it will float up and become 
persitently visible.

My application, an add-in 3rd party tool to another main application, is 
composed of 20+ dlls.  I placed the code above in 3 of the dlls and produced 
the same wrong frame windows.

If I remove the resource handle switch part from the code above, the 
behavior is still the same except that the title is changed from "Frame" to 
one of strings in my applications, which shouldn't be.  As you can see, I 
didn't use any of my own classes.  The only class involved is MFC's 
CFrameWnd here.

My application compiled in VC++ 6.0 last year did not have this problem.  It 
happened after we switch to VS 2005.

Your further help is much appreciated.  I have been wrestled with this 
problem for a week.


ps. Mr. Ajay Kalra suggested me to use Spy++.  I did try it but didn't find 
anything wrong.

jdt_young (239)
5/21/2007 8:59:14 PM
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