2 threads on dual processor machine


I use 2 threads (CWinThread class) in a vs app running on a dual 
processor (Xeon) machine.

Does anone tell me how I can make each thread run on separate processor. 
The compiler doesn't seem to do it automaticaly.


eberlems (1)
8/31/2003 6:08:45 PM
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This is almost never the right thing to do -- doing so, you will rip the
S right out of SMP.

That said, use the API function SetThreadAffinityMask.  The mask that
you pass in a bit vector of the processors that the thread is allowed to
run on.  It is easy to construct if you *KNOW* that there will always be
at least two processors - but the safer approach would be to discover
how many processors there are with a call to the API function

When calling SetThreadAffinityMask, make sure that there has not been a
call to SetProcessAffinityMask - (or at the very least, make sure that
the bit mask in the SetThreadAffinityMask is a subset of the mask that
you get in the GetProcessAffinityMask call)

The bits in the process affinity mask have precedence over the bits in
the thread mask (if a processor is not available to the process,  that
processor can not be scheduled for a time slice for any thread in that

Additionally, if you want to take a softer approach, have a look at the
API function SetThreadIdealProcessor.

roy fine

"Markus Eberlein" <eberlems@iis.fhg.de> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I use 2 threads (CWinThread class) in a vs app running on a dual
> processor (Xeon) machine.
> Does anone tell me how I can make each thread run on separate
> The compiler doesn't seem to do it automaticaly.
> thank's
> Yannick

rlfine5330 (47)
8/31/2003 8:09:24 PM
Because you are assuming that they WILL be able to run concurrently. Note, however, that
there are dozens of threads in the system which you have no control over, such as all the
file system threads. So if you have two threads, A and B, if they CAN run concurrently,
they will, and if they can't, it is because there is something more important to run. By
forcing processor dependencies, thread B can be held up a very long time while higher
priority (often kernel) threads preempt processor 1, so the thread is completely blocked,
while processor 0 is sitting idle! It is impossible for you to control the scheduling, or
the number of threads not part of your process, or the number of threads that run in
super-high-priority in the kernel, so any attempt you make to force concurrency by tricks
like processor affinity will simply constrain the thread to run less efficiently. Bottom
line: this approach is doomed. The system will schedule as much concurrency as is
possible; anything you attempt will limit its choices. The more limited its choices are,
the worse your overall throughput will be.

One thing we learned years ago about multiprocessor scheduling (I worked on a 16-processor
system in 1975-1977): every attempt on the part of the user to assign threads to
processors uniformly resulted in worse performance than if the scheduler is permitted to
handle the issue itself.

Your assumption is that forcing processor affinity will result it better concurrency. It
won't. It will result in worse overall performance in nearly every case that can occur,
because you will limit the amount of time the scheduler will be able to run it. 
On Tue, 2 Sep 2003 09:15:39 -0500, "Kanon Wood" <Kanonw@yahoo.com> wrote:

>"Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer@flounder.com> wrote in message
>> Hint:  you haven't the foggiest idea if it is going to benefit you.
>Maybe we're looking at different assumptions, so I'll get those out of the
>Two worker threads with completely separate tasks (no synchronization
>between them) both report to a single GUI thread via messaging.
>Why would running these threads on different processors _not_ benefit?

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
email: newcomer@flounder.com
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9/3/2003 3:27:18 AM

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