RPC vs. RPC Out for Linked Servers

When configuring a Linked Server the Server Options tab has check boxes for 
RPC and RPC OUT.  Can someone explain why you would or wouldn't need to 
enable either of these options?  Thanks!
2/11/2010 9:34:16 PM
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Tom Ashby - Panam (Tom Ashby - Panam@discussions.microsoft.com) writes:
> When configuring a Linked Server the Server Options tab has check boxes
> for RPC and RPC OUT.  Can someone explain why you would or wouldn't need
> to enable either of these options?  
One of them, has no function at all, as far as I know. The other controls
whether you are permitted to make Remote Procedure Calls over the linked
server. That is, call remote stored procedures or EXEC() AT. I don't
remember which is which, but I think RPC OUT is the useful one.

As for why you would not enable a server for RPC. Hm, beats me. Well, some
data sources may not support RPC, but you need to have a server option to
turn somthing off which does not work anyway. But, OK, if you turn off
RPC OUT, you do reduce what is possible to do on the other side. Or at
least make some thing like updating more difficult.

Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, esquel@sommarskog.se

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2/11/2010 10:52:43 PM

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