Database Mirroring and Insert Statement

In SQL Server 2005, in Dev environment, the application takes 10-15 minutes 
to insert 129,000 records but in prod it takes 2 hours. Dev is not set up for 
database mirroring but prod is set up for database mirroring. The database is 
identical and server hardware in prod is better. There is no other activity 
happening in prod. during that time. What could be the possible reasons.
1/11/2010 4:49:01 PM
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>The database is
> identical and server hardware in prod is better.

"Better" is a relative term. I frequently see installation where a test or 
dev environment has one single disk and a prod environment has a SAN, 
possibly with a RAID level which isn't ideal for lots of writes, which is 
also shared by other systems.

But of course mirroring also adds overhead. Each log write need to be done 
at both ends. If you run sync/full safety (default and only option in 
standard edition), then a commit (log write) is synchronous with even more 
waiting time. SQL 2008 has compression of log records as optimization. I 
would first evaluate hw and network options and then evaluate whether you 
can go async and finally consider if 2008 log compression will help.
Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP

"Fraz" <> wrote in message
> In SQL Server 2005, in Dev environment, the application takes 10-15 
> minutes
> to insert 129,000 records but in prod it takes 2 hours. Dev is not set up 
> for
> database mirroring but prod is set up for database mirroring. The database 
> is
> identical and server hardware in prod is better. There is no other 
> activity
> happening in prod. during that time. What could be the possible reasons. 

1/11/2010 5:24:49 PM

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