Fixed row and header report


I have a requirement to have a report - SQL 2005 Reporting services ...

SQL output:
ID     DateId         FiscalYear  FiscalPeriod   TotalBooksTaken    
ReturnedBooks   Store 
1      20101001    09/10           2010-07         989                       
    756                 Store 1
1      20101001    09/10           2010-07         456                       
     343                 Store 2
1      20101001    09/10           2010-07         1456                      
   1343                 Store 3
2      YTD               09/10           2010-07         890                 
            756                 Store 1
2      YTD               09/10           2010-07         2989                
          2756                 Store 4
3      LYTD             09/10           2010-07           49                 
             36                 Store 1
3      LYTD             09/10           2010-07         1989                 
         1236                 Store 2

(above data is sample)

If data not available then show null ... but rows and columns always have to 

                                         Col1 Text                Col2 Text  
             Col3 Text           

Title 1 (Row 1 - ID 1)       nn.n%                  nn.n%                    
Title 2 (Row 2 - ID 2)       nn.n%                  nn.n%                    
Title 3 (Row 3 - ID 3)       nn.n%                  nn.n%                    

Col1Text = DateId + " in " + Fiscal Year + " ( " + FiscalPeriod + " ) "
Col2Text = " YTD in " + Fiscal Year + " ( " + FiscalPeriod + " ) "
Col3Text = " LYTD in " + Fiscal Year + " ( " + FiscalPeriod + " ) "

Q: 1: How can I achieve this Fixed header  and row report ?
                I can do by placing many textboxes one below other. Looking 
for better solution ... 

Q: 2: My sql query is aggregations of lots of tables and calculations ...  
Wondering whether I have to change the output?

Any help is appreciated.


11/3/2009 9:43:01 PM
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