Usage (scope) of ALTER TABLE in sproc

hi @ll,

I have a question about the usage of ALTER TABLE in a stored procedure 
(SQL Server 2005):

First concurrent query, started first, should be later encapsulated in a 
stored procedure:


-- Function from BOL, WAITFOR DELAY wrapper.
EXEC TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss '00:00:10';


Second concurrent query:

INSERT  INTO [myTable]
         SELECT  NEWID(),
         FROM    [myTable] ;

When running it in SSMS it produces the desired result. The first query 
grabs a schema lock and blocks the second query as long it runs. The 
second query is executed after the commit and is denied as there are 
unique constraints on [Abbreviation] and [Name].

Can I use the ALTER TABLE statement in a sproc like this:


ALTER TABLE [myMasterTable]
ALTER TABLE [myDetailTable]

-- modify myMasterTable
-- modify myDetailTable

ALTER TABLE [myMasterTable]
ALTER TABLE [myDetailTable]


In fact I'm trying to insert a entire bunch of records in different 
tables having a complex referential integrity graph.

Are there any pitfalls?

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11/16/2009 2:10:00 PM
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