Trigger error

I have a delete trigger that is trying to get information during the delete 
using the deleted object and I am getting the errors below.

The multi-part identifier "deleted.RepCompanyID" could not be bound.
The multi-part identifier "deleted.BrandID" could not be bound.

The trigger code giving the error is below.
p.s. This is from an old database so alternatives in constraint use would be 
ok.  Thanks.

    DECLARE @RepCompany varchar(200);
    DECLARE @Brand nvarchar(50);
    DECLARE @OldInfo varchar(200);
    SET @RepCompany = (SELECT RepCompany FROM dbo.RepCompany WHERE 
RepCompanyID = deleted.RepCompanyID);
    SET @Brand = (SELECT Brand FROM dbo.Brands WHERE BrandID = 
    SET @OldInfo = @RepCompany + '-Brand=' + @Brand;

6/16/2010 10:18:28 PM
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This is what you're looking for:

@RepCompany = RepCompany.RepCompany
@Brand = Brands.Brand
FROM deleted
LEFT JOIN dbo.RepCompany ON RepCompany.RepCompanyID =
LEFT JOIN dbo.Brands ON Brands.BrandID = deleted.BrandID

SET @OldInfo = @RepCompany + '-Brand=' + @Brand;

But what you'll find is that it only works when one row is deleted at
a time.  If Delete * from RepCompany is executed, or Delete * from
RepCompany where BrandID = 123 is executed then only one row will be
tracked by this delete trigger.  You should be doing it in sets using
the delete table instead of one row at a time from the delete table.

I hope that helps.

-Eric Isaacs
6/16/2010 11:49:16 PM

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