Sql Server / Access query source code

Is there any compatibility between the queries from Access and Sql Server?
Like I have a system that needs to migrate the database and the queries from 
the source code, I can use DTS to migrate de database from Access to Sql 
Server but what about the queries? Will Sql Server understand them or I'll 
have to change it manually?
3/23/2010 12:37:01 PM
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The answer is, it depends. Some query types are not supported, but
straightforward SELECT queries are essentially the same in Access-SQL
and Transact-SQL. However, if you use expressions, VBA functions, form
references or other Access features in your queries, then the answer
is no. The SQL Server engine has no way to evaluate those query
elements. Here are some resources that will help you. 

Optimizing Microsoft Office Access Applications Linked to SQL Server

What are the main differences between Access and SQL Server?

Microsoft Access Developer's Guide to SQL Server (it's old, but still
valid except for the chapters on ADPs)

Access MVP Armen Stein has some free resources on his site:

In future, if you have any questions relating to Access as a front-end
to SQL Server, the Access newsgroups
(microsoft.public.access.externaldata, odbcclientsvr, or sqlupsizing)
will probably yield a wider range of responses.  


On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 05:37:01 -0700, Rodrigo Santos
<RodrigoSantos@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

>Is there any compatibility between the queries from Access and Sql Server?
>Like I have a system that needs to migrate the database and the queries from 
>the source code, I can use DTS to migrate de database from Access to Sql 
>Server but what about the queries? Will Sql Server understand them or I'll 
>have to change it manually?
3/23/2010 2:52:10 PM

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