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Is there any easy way to search a column to see if it contains either a dash 
or alpha character ?

Thanks ! 

9/12/2010 11:46:54 AM
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On Sun, 12 Sep 2010 07:46:54 -0400, Robbie wrote:

>Is there any easy way to search a column to see if it contains either a dash 
>or alpha character ?
>Thanks ! 

Hi Robbie,

SELECT KeyColumn, SearchColumn
FROM   TheTable
WHERE  UPPER(SearchColumn) LIKE '%[A-Z-]%';

If your database uses a case insensitive collation, you can leave out
the UPPER function call.

Hugo Kornelis, SQL Server MVP
My SQL Server blog: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/hugo_kornelis
9/12/2010 12:22:32 PM

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