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Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem, here's the deal:

I have a table with order details in but it has some duplicated data
that I want to filter out (using a view). The raw data is like this:

Back Order Number       Order Number Short        Order Date
etc      etc
201201                         201201
201201/1                      201201
201201/2                      201201
200203/1                      200203

And I need to summarise this so I get a table with unique 'Order
Number Short' values but with the order date (and othe field data)
from the latest line. i.e. for the example above I would like to end
up with:

Order Number Short        Order Date         etc      etc
201201                           10/01/01
200203                           03/03/03

I hope this makes sense to you, hopefully someone can help.

Thanks in advance.

4/27/2010 2:06:13 PM
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Try this:

SELECT back_order_number, order_number_short, order_date, <other_columns>,
SELECT back_order_number, order_number_short, order_date, <other_columns>,
        ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY order_number_short ORDER BY order_date DESC) AS rk
FROM Orders) AS O
WHERE rk = 1;

Plamen Ratchev
4/27/2010 2:51:24 PM
Hi Plamen,

I think that gives me roughly what I need, many thanks for your help
and prompt reply.


On 27 Apr, 15:51, Plamen Ratchev <> wrote:
> Try this:
> SELECT back_order_number, order_number_short, order_date, <other_columns>=
> FROM (
> SELECT back_order_number, order_number_short, order_date, <other_columns>=
> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY order_number_short ORDER B=
Y order_date DESC) AS rk
> FROM Orders) AS O
> WHERE rk =3D 1;
> --
> Plamen Ratchev

4/28/2010 7:38:17 AM

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