few confusing things about Full-Text Search queries


I=92ve started learning FULL-TEXT Search queries ( using Sql server
2008 ) and I did try  to find  the answers to my questions by running
various queries and see how they behave, but then not even the
simplest of queries returned the results I=92ve expected, so=85


From Msdn:
=93<simple_term>  - Specifies a match for an exact word or a phrase.
Examples of valid simple terms are "blue berry", blueberry, and
"Microsoft SQL Server". Phrases should be enclosed in double quotation
marks (""). Words in a phrase must appear in the same order as
specified in <contains_search_condition> as they appear in the
database column.=94

FROM fullText
  *, ' "life at its" '

If the above quote is correct, then I assume =93its=94 and =93at=94 are noi=
words, since the  above query also returns rows where strings don=92t
contain words =93at=94 and =93its=94?!

b) But then if =93at=94 and =93its=94 are noise words, then the following
query should also return a row containing a string =94life at its
start=94, but it doesn=92t:

FROM fullText
  *, ' "life start" '


a) Word =93start=94 is a synonym for  a word =93begin=94, =93metal=94 is sy=
for =93steel=94 and similarly =93sisters=94 is synonym for =93siblings=94. =
the following queries ( due to performing thesaurus search ) should
return rows containing words =93start=94, =93metal=94 or
=93sisters=94,respectively, but they don=92t:

FROM fullText
WHERE FREETEXT ( *, 'begin' )

FROM fullText
  *, N'FORMSOF( THESAURUS, "metal" ) '

FROM fullText
  *, N'FORMSOF( THESAURUS, "siblings" ) '

=93FullText will break out the search string into its individual words,
if there is more than one word. For each word, it generates the
inflectional forms of the word, then identifies a list of matches for
each word based on the thesaurus. FormsOf(Thesaurus=85 on the other hand
just uses the thesaurus to do the search, without going through the
inflectional step.=94

So according to the above text, the  FORMSOF(INFLECTIONAL=85) should
also search for thesaurus synonyms and thus won=92t just search for
inflectional forms of the word?

3) I assume that FREETEXT will by default search for rows that contain
any of the words specified in freetext_string( assuming freetext
_string is enclosed in single quotes ).Thus, if a row only contains a
word =93surf=94, row will still get returned):

FROM fullText
WHERE FREETEXT( *, 'surf sister' )

From Msdn:
=93If freetext_string is enclosed in double quotation marks, a phrase
match is instead performed; stemming and thesaurus are not performed.=94

According to the above quote the following query shouldn=92t return rows
containing strings =93surfing=94 ( due to query not performing stemming ),
=93surf=94 ( due to query performing phrase matching and not individual
word matching ) or =93surfing with suzy=92s sister=94 ( due to query not
performing stemming and due to query performing phrase matching and
not word matching ), but it does.
Thus, it appears that even when freetext_string is enclosed in double
quotation marks, stemming is still preformed, while phrase matching is

FROM fullText
WHERE FREETEXT( *, ' "surf sister" ' )

5) I know FULLTEXT can uses word thesaurus, but does it also use
phrase thesaurus? Thus, it doesn=92t just search for word synonyms, but
also for phrase synonyms?

5/21/2010 8:23:41 PM
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Never mind about my second question. I assumed thesaurus file was
already filled with synonyms, but as it turned out it's empty and
instead we have to fill it manually.
5/22/2010 11:03:00 PM

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