Sharepoint 3.0 Help

I installed Sharepoint 3.0 SP2 on my windows 2003 DC server Standard SP2
running SQL 2005 SP3

During the installation I slected AD and it supposely created an OU
sharepointOU now I get errors when trying to setup sharepoint create
collection site etc

Type:  Error
Date:  12/6/2009
Time:  6:39:45 PM
Event:  3360
Source:  Windows SharePoint Services 3
Category: Topology
User:  N/A
Computer: TGCS001
The Active Directory organization unit SharePointOU registered in Windows
SharePoint Services does not exist.

I must of had an error during installation that did not get reported is
there and installation log kept somewhere?

How do I create this OU for sharepoint

Never created a OU before manually

Need help



12/10/2009 2:53:34 AM
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