Wizard problem

When I doubleclick on a brochure in the wizard, it 
initially says "Changing your publication."  It get to 
either 16% or 32% (depending on the brochure), barely 
flashes the brochure then goes to a blank page with the 
error message, "Publisher cannot complete the operation."

I have the Windows XP Pro operating system.  I've been to 
the Microsoft site and downloaded all updates available.  
Any ideas?
9/4/2003 10:31:28 PM
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Can you post back with the version of Publisher you are 
using? As well as your Windows version.

Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP

>-----Original Message-----
>When I doubleclick on a brochure in the wizard, it 
>initially says "Changing your publication."  It get to 
>either 16% or 32% (depending on the brochure), barely 
>flashes the brochure then goes to a blank page with the 
>error message, "Publisher cannot complete the operation."
>I have the Windows XP Pro operating system.  I've been 
>the Microsoft site and downloaded all updates 
>Any ideas?
publisher (1245)
9/8/2003 3:54:28 PM

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