vista publisher network places

i upgraded to Vista and am having trouble uploading to my website that has 
been up and running for years using xp and publisher 07. Now I keep getting 
an error message that "cannot find url or network connections. Vista does not 
have "network places". can anyone help me
12/1/2008 12:35:28 AM
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Prepare, publish, and maintain your Publisher Web site:
It is written for Pub 2007, but if you are using IE7 instead of IE6, then
the directions for using Vista would apply for Pub 2003. FTP uploading has 
changed with the introduction of IE7. Pay particular attention to the 
instructions for FTP uploading in Vista. You can probably modify these to 
use HTTP and mapping a network drive. And if you are using HTTP uploading, 
then check to see if the FPSE are working on your host and for your URL.

If you have a form on your site and are using HTTP uploading protocol, 
please repost your question on the web group, and I will try to help you 
there with more specific suggestions: microsoft.public.publisher.webdesign

Please always include the version of Publisher you are using, the URL of 
your site and as much detail as possible.


"mcclearnon" <> wrote in message
>i upgraded to Vista and am having trouble uploading to my website that has
> been up and running for years using xp and publisher 07. Now I keep 
> getting
> an error message that "cannot find url or network connections. Vista does 
> not
> have "network places". can anyone help me 

Nope8657 (939)
12/2/2008 12:37:19 AM

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