Re: Writing a resume I'm not sure what I write in objectives #3

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>>> GbH wrote:
>>>> but neither is a resume!!!!
>>> So you're complaining about the lack of acute accents when people 
>>> refer to a r�sum� as a resume? Why not correct to the intended word 
>>> rather than a different one - particularly since curriculum vitae 
>>> has a slightly different contextual meaning in locations in which 
>>> both are used... (As I understand it, in the States a Curriculum 
>>> Vitae specifically refers to an academic CV as used when applying 
>>> for a research position; a r�sum� is the more general form used for 
>>> most job applications.)
>>>> Look that up in your Funk and Wagnall, or Webster's
>>> I've never heard of Funk and Wagnall, and don't own a Webster's. Why 
>>> would I; I'm British - OED all the way!
>>> -- 
>>> Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
>> Rule Britannia!
1st 4 lines of para2 deleted
>> more protective of their language, refusing to allow the influx of 
>> foreign words, although they have been rather good at Frenchification 
>> of those they have. Bear in mind the Qu�b�cois do not believe those 
>> in France speak real French!
>> If you were what is incorrectly referred to as a child of the 60s you 
>> would know of the Funk and Wagnall, it being frequently quoted as I 
>> have on Rowan and Martin's laugh in. As was the flying fickle finger 
>> of fate, which probably applies well here. It was also interesting, 
>> but stupid!
>> -- 
>> Wisdom and experience come with age, they say, but I wish I could 
>> remember the darn question
> This is by way of an experimental post. Previous attempts have been 
> deleted at source. I have made a minor edit in an attempt to see if 
> there is a Censorbot operating.
> -- 
> Wisdom and experience come with age, they say, but I wish I could 
> remember the darn question

Wisdom and experience come with age, they say, but I wish I could 
remember the darn question 

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