Publisher 2003- message - Publisher cannot open the file

I have used Publisher for a 120+ page "news letter" for the past 5 years.  
Upgraded to 2003 early last year.  Have had a problem with fonts changing 
indescriminately (no sollution as yet).  Latest problem - having spent many 
hours on a new document which includes grafics and text -  I received the 
message - Publisher cannot open the file.
10/13/2007 8:56:01 PM
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Surely after 5 years you have a backup or two.
It is never a good idea to use the same document over and over without re-saving 
it with a new name.
Maybe you have a copy in a temporary folder
Type %temp% in the address bar of Windows Explorer, look for a file with a pub 
prefix. Change the .tmp extension to .pub and see if you can open it.

How to troubleshoot a damaged publication in Publisher

I am willing to try to open it, zip it up and send it to:
mary-sauer at

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Promenader" <> wrote in message
>I have used Publisher for a 120+ page "news letter" for the past 5 years.
> Upgraded to 2003 early last year.  Have had a problem with fonts changing
> indescriminately (no sollution as yet).  Latest problem - having spent many
> hours on a new document which includes grafics and text -  I received the
> message - Publisher cannot open the file.

mary-sauer (6480)
10/13/2007 9:17:45 PM

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