Publisher 2000, Windows XP Home, file locked across network

I found this question posted already, and tried to add to it as I'm having
the same problem.  My post hasn't shown up after a few hours, so I'm tying a
new thread.

Had a Windows95 peer to peer network set up.  Running Publisher 2000 and
other apps.  Was sharing all data files on one station.  All was well.

Swapped out the workstations with new Windows XP Home workstations.  Copied
all the files over, reinstalled the applications.  All of the old files can
be opened across the network without issue.  (including Publisher 2000)

However, when a NEW publisher document is created, I can't open it on other
workstations.  I get "The file is locked because it is currently being used
by another program".  (yes, I've closed the document on the machine that
created it)

--Updated Windows XP & Publisher 2000 with all current updates and patches.
--Tried copying the file to the local drive, and I get a similar message
when trying to copy the file..."access denied"
--I've disabled antivirus software
--logged out of the system the file resides on.
--Tried creating a new shared folder, and working from there.
--I tried accessing the file via a mapped drive (p:) and via the full
network path (\\wk1\public)...

.............all gleaming the same results.......

Any Ideas?


Peter Bilyk

pete2571 (5)
7/21/2004 1:06:09 AM
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Just a thought... could it be some wierd conflict with running Publisher
2000 w/ drives that are NTFS?    I have no easy way to test this (short of
installing a second hard drive ..formatted FAT32)

pete2571 (5)
7/21/2004 1:28:41 AM
Peter the issue is Publisher 2000 is under no circumstances network

What is more, Publisher files should only ever be used on the same local
hard drive the program resides on otherwise corruption will occur.


"If you don't know where you are going,
any road will take you there!"

brains (331)
7/21/2004 4:51:28 AM
I understand your point, (should be fun explaining it to the customer) it's
just frustrating becuase it worked flawlessly under windows 95.  Is the XP
version of Publisher any more network friendly?

pete2571 (5)
7/21/2004 5:00:13 AM
Just a thought, any chance it's an NTFS-Publisher conflict/issue?

 I suppose I could try throwing in a secondary FAT32 Hard drive

pete2571 (5)
7/21/2004 5:01:40 AM
Supposedly yes according to MS, but in reality no.
You still get file corruption unless you have the root of the server open to
all users.


"If you don't know where you are going,
any road will take you there!"

brains (331)
7/21/2004 5:05:35 AM

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