publish to the web using publisher 2003

I am using Publisher 2003 and am unable to publish my web page to the web. I 
keep getting the error: Can not find the URL 
which is the information that was given to me from Yahoo! GeoCities for 
hosting my webpage. Please can someone help me????
bright (3)
2/24/2005 1:05:02 PM
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May I suggest posting your question to the publisher webdesign group?

BTW - how do stars shin? 

JoAnn Paules
MVP Publisher

"stars are always shinning bright" wrote:

> I am using Publisher 2003 and am unable to publish my web page to the web. I 
> keep getting the error: Can not find the URL 
> which is the information that was given to me from Yahoo! GeoCities for 
> hosting my webpage. Please can someone help me????
2/24/2005 5:41:02 PM
Several good articles about publishing your site here:


"stars are always shinning bright" <stars are always shinning> wrote in message
> I am using Publisher 2003 and am unable to publish my web page to the web.
> keep getting the error: Can not find the URL
> which is the information that was given to me from Yahoo! GeoCities for
> hosting my webpage. Please can someone help me????

Nope8657 (939)
2/24/2005 10:17:59 PM

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