Printing in MS Publisher 2003

I support a department that uses Publisher to create its monthly calendar.  
The secretary creates the base calendar, then e-mails it to the department 
members for them to add their own events.

The secretary has a network printer as her default.  The department members 
have local printers as their default (in fact, two users only have one 
printer configured in their respective "Printers and Faxes").

The two users in question print the calendar, after saving it to their local 
machine, and it prints to the secretary's network printer.  Mousing over the 
print icon in the toolbar of Publisher with the calendar open shows the 
network printer address, not the local printer, for both users.

Even trying to File->print, and select printer,  sends the file to the 
network printer for the users.

How can I help my users print this calendar to their local printer?

Trouble Shooter
7/12/2006 9:01:03 PM
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troubleshooter wrote:
> Even trying to File->print, and select printer,  sends the file to the 
> network printer for the users.

Is the local printer listed and selected in the print dialog?

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
the_nerd (6344)
7/12/2006 10:15:00 PM

Yes, the local printer appears in the print dialog - and only the local 
printer - the network printer does not appear.

That's what's so baffling - two users have only a local printer configured, 
yet when they try to print, it goes to a network printer.

Trouble Shooter

"Ed Bennett" wrote:

> troubleshooter wrote:
> > Even trying to File->print, and select printer,  sends the file to the 
> > network printer for the users.
> Is the local printer listed and selected in the print dialog?
> -- 
> Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

7/15/2006 1:14:01 AM
Hi the problem I suspect you have is related to Office Service Pack 2, if you 
go to file>page setup>printer and paper you will no doubt see the printer you 
wish to print to -  click OK and this will change the printer icon to the 
local printer. Be aware that this setting has been written to the document 
when you save it and therfore would need to be changed back when you want to 
print to the network printer

"Ed Bennett" wrote:

> troubleshooter wrote:
> > Even trying to File->print, and select printer,  sends the file to the 
> > network printer for the users.
> Is the local printer listed and selected in the print dialog?
> -- 
> Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
RayFay (6)
8/16/2006 11:48:01 AM

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