printer driver error

I am running Window XP Pro with Office Pro with Publisher.
Although I can print to my Lexmark Z65 from Word (or 
anywhere else I've tried) I can't print from Publisher.  
It keeps telling me that I have to install a printer 
driver - which I did when I set up the computer.
Thanks for any help.
hartmc (1)
9/9/2003 9:08:33 PM
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Go to the Lexmark website and download and install the latest version of the
printer driver available.

Make sure you have the correct model driver and to suit WinXP.


donotknock (1942)
9/9/2003 11:41:53 PM
On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:41:53 +1000, "���MS�Publisher���"
<> wrote:

>Go to the Lexmark website and download and install the latest version of the
>printer driver available.
>Make sure you have the correct model driver and to suit WinXP.

Hopefully, Lexmark is better that H-P when it comes to drivers. H-P
stopped updating drivers for many of its printers at the Windows
2000/NT OS level, leaving us WinXP users with the minimal Windows
Mad at the world? Ask for a copy of VITUPERATIONS - you'll get madder!
grizzly (12)
9/10/2003 2:12:20 PM

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