powerpoint #2

i need the program powerpoint and i dont know how i can 
get it......
please someone can help me

anonymous (74723)
6/24/2004 3:45:57 PM
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Hi sus (anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com),
in the newsgroups
you posted:

|| i need the program powerpoint and i dont know how i can
|| get it......
|| please someone can help me

http://shop.microsoft.com is the link to purchase Powerpoint. You can also 
visit your local Office Depot, CompUSA or Best Buy.
Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP
~pay it forward~

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
confers no rights.

bkvalheim (1291)
6/24/2004 3:53:55 PM
sus wrote:
> i need the program powerpoint and i dont know how i can
> get it......
> please someone can help me

Buying and Installing PowerPoint for Dummies

1)    Put on your coat and, using your preferred transportation method, head
to your nearest software emporium

2)    Find the Office Utilities section in said store and locate PowerPoint
(making sure you select the correct version and licence)

3)    Take the box to the counter and hand it over, together with your
preferred payment method.

4)    He will hand it back in a nice clean carrier bag.

5)    Return home using your preferred transportation method.

6)    Take the box out of the carrier bag and remove shrinkwrap

7)    Open the jewel case

8)    Open CD drive and place disc on tray.

9)    Close drive

10)    Disc will autorun - follow on screen prompts (inserting qualifying
media where/if necessary)

Congratulations! You've just installed PowerPoint!

misstick (379)
6/24/2004 5:09:49 PM

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