My copy of MS-Publisher is not working

My company(Warner Brothers Publications) purchased MS-
Publisher 2000 for Servers but I do not have the software.
It seems that a few years ago it was downloaded to our 
server by the people that were here before my time and 
even though I have the product Key for it, I do not have 
the software and I need to install it on two users that 
have new computers and used to have it and need it for 
their everyday work.
How or who do I contact in Microsoft since this is a 
product that we own.

9/11/2003 2:06:32 PM
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After managing to set up OE-QuoteFix on his new PC, Ed reads a message
from Gerry Lora <>...
> How or who do I contact in Microsoft since this is a
> product that we own.

a) This is not a product that you own.  It is a product that you have a
license to use.
b) That license is almost certainly only for one machine.  By installing it
on multiple machines you are breaking the terms of the license agreement.
c) There is no such product, to my knowledge, as Publisher for Servers.
There is only Microsoft Publisher for Windows.
d) If you are licensed to install on multiple machines, you will have a
media kit with product keys that belongs to your organisation.  This may or
may not allow you to install on new machines without new licenses.  If this
is not within your organisation, one of your predecessors has been

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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9/11/2003 3:45:13 PM
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