How to exact individual pages from a microsoft publisher document

How do I exact individual pages from a microsoft publisher document and not 
loose any information that is on the page itself?
Belinda (17)
10/10/2008 3:03:00 PM
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Extract pages and do what with them?


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies"

"Belinda" <> wrote in message
> How do I exact individual pages from a microsoft publisher document and 
> not
> loose any information that is on the page itself? 

jl_paules (2767)
10/10/2008 3:56:18 PM
Gather the entire page with the mouse, Copy and paste to a new worksheet.

And if you want the page removed, Edit, Delete page.

Don - Publisher 2000
Vancouver, USA

"Belinda" <> wrote in message
> How do I exact individual pages from a microsoft publisher document and 
> not
> loose any information that is on the page itself? 

Engineer5094 (821)
10/10/2008 4:03:56 PM

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