how do you unhide the page sorter?

New to publisher, I deleted an extra page and now can't toggle between the 
remaining pages. and I do not see the page sorter tabs at the bottom. help!
Braden (3)
12/12/2007 6:27:01 PM
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What version Publisher? View, Status Bar. If you are using 2007, it may take a 
registry fix.

This solution was given to us by a poster like yourself.

To fix the Publisher page sorter issue, simply follow the steps below.  But
beware, because this fix takes you into the Registry window to edit a
specific part of the Publisher program, and Microsoft takes great pains to
warn you that making a mistake here may corrupt your program altogether (or
corrupt certain program files that my cause your version of Publisher not to
function correctly).  So please be careful as you follow these steps to fix
your page sorter issue.

O.K., now that the nice big warning is out of the way, you'll have Publisher
2007 up and running as it should be in 10 quick steps.  But before you begin,
please take a moment to close all programs on your computer, then...

1. If you're using Windows Vista, Click on the start button, and type
"regedit" into the "Search" field under the "All Programs" link.  If you're
using XP or earlier versions, click on the start button, then on "Run," then
type "regedit" into the field, then click "O.K."

2. When the registry window opens, your going to next make a quick back-up
of these files before you attempt to change anything (in-case that
detrimental mistake we discussed earlier is accidentally made).  This you're
going to do by:

     a. Clicking on "File"
     b. Then on "Export"
     c. Then on "Desktop" in the left-hand task pane
     d. Then by typing "Backup" in the "File Name" field
     e. Then clicking on "Save"

3. Now that that's out of the way, your going to start at the top of the
Registry window and look down till you find the branch "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"
Click on it, and a new sub menu will appear.

4. When the new sub menu appears, go down and click on "Software."  Again, a
new sub menu will appear.

5. Next, click on "Microsoft," then on "Office," then on "12.0"  This will
bring you to the place where you can choose the specific Office program
you're having issues with and fix the program-specific issue.

6. Next, click on "Publisher," then on "Preferences"

7.  If you don't see a "ShowStatusBar" string, you'll need to create one by
following the steps below.  Otherwise, move on to step #8.

     a. To create a "ShowStatusBar" string, start by right-clicking on the
right pane
        of the window and choosing, "New"
     b. Then click on "String Value"  It will create a new string called
"New Value #1"
     c. Rename the new value string "ShowStatusBar" and it will create the
        "ShowStatusBar" string.
     d. Now move on to step #8.

8. Right-click on the "ShowStatusBar" string, then click on "Modify"

9. When the "Edit String" window opens, simply change the value data to "1"
(if you're like me, the value data was probably set at "0").  Once you've
changed the value data to "1" then click "O.K."

10.  Exit from all registry related windows and launch your version of
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007.  You should see the page sorter in the lower
left-hand corner of your Publisher screen right where it always should have

And that's it.  Like I said, worked like a charm for me!  But if this does
not work for you, please take a moment to contact Microsoft Office tech
support directly, because that means that you have another issue altogether.

Thanks gang!  May this small piece of advice help any and all the rest of us
who cannot find the Page sorter in Publisher 2007!


Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Braden" <> wrote in message
> New to publisher, I deleted an extra page and now can't toggle between the
> remaining pages. and I do not see the page sorter tabs at the bottom. help! 

mary-sauer (6480)
12/12/2007 6:32:42 PM

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