How do I make a pie chart ?

I am trying to make a pie chart in that possible? I 
am making it for a power pt. to be partially filled in each section on one 
slide and then fully filled in on the second one. Any ideas? 
chazpaws (6)
8/18/2005 3:55:28 PM
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chazpaws <> was very recently heard
to utter:
> I am trying to make a pie chart in that
> possible? I am making it for a power pt. to be partially filled in
> each section on one slide and then fully filled in on the second one.

Publisher is for making print documents (which consist of pages).
PowerPoint is for making presentations (which consist of slides).
Excel is for making charts (which consist of wedges).

In PowerPoint or Publisher, go to Insert > Object > Microsoft Graph Chart, 
or Microsoft Excel Object.
Alternatively, fire up Excel, create your chart, and copy and paste into 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher 

the_nerd (6344)
8/18/2005 4:00:02 PM
chazpaws wrote:
> I am trying to make a pie chart in that possible? I 
> am making it for a power pt. to be partially filled in each section on one 
> slide and then fully filled in on the second one. Any ideas? 
> Thanks!!!

Marie Calenders? :-)
fb1 (11)
8/18/2005 5:49:28 PM
Mrs. Smith's


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

"Frank" <> wrote in message 
> chazpaws wrote:
>> I am trying to make a pie chart in that 
>> possible? I am making it for a power pt. to be partially filled in each 
>> section on one slide and then fully filled in on the second one. Any 
>> ideas? Thanks!!!
> Marie Calenders? :-)
> Frank 

jl_paules1 (1069)
8/19/2005 12:01:17 AM
JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP] wrote:
> Mrs. Smith's
In some areas you can hit both in one night.
fb1 (11)
8/19/2005 10:00:55 PM
Is that in Shangri-La? Or Nirvana?


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

"Frank" <> wrote in message 
> JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP] wrote:
>> Mrs. Smith's
> In some areas you can hit both in one night.
> Yum!!!
> :-)
> Frank 

jl_paules1 (1069)
8/19/2005 10:33:25 PM
JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP] wrote:
> Is that in Shangri-La? Or Nirvana?
Both! :-)
fb1 (11)
8/20/2005 6:57:15 PM

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