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Word 2003 Update: KB834702 (Finnish) / Word 2003 Update: KB834702 for
Multilingual User Interface Pack (English). This update fixes an issue with
the user interface for the Finnish version of Word 2003.  The OK button is
missing from the Table Properties dialogue box.

Access 2003 Danish Update: KB834013 (Danish) / Access 2003 Danish Update
for Multilingual User Interface Pack: KB834013 (English). This update from
Microsoft prevents a potential error. If this error occurs, the three
Danish characters �, � and � do not appear correctly in Help while the user
is disconnected from the Internet.

Office 2003 Dutch Spelling Checker Update: KB838022 (Dutch, French) /
Office 2003 Dutch Spelling Checker Update: KB838022 for Multilingual User
Interface Pack (English) / Office 2003 Dutch Spelling Checker Update:
KB838022 for Office Proofing Tools (English, Brazilian, Dutch, French,
German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish). Under certain circumstances, Office 2003
quit unexpectedly when the user accesses the Dutch spelling checker. This
update corrects that potential error.  The Dutch spelling checker is
included in the Dutch and French versions of Office 2003.

Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP

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