Can I view an MS Publisher pub, in full screen view?

I want to preview an MS Publisher pub, as a full screen picture (like 
PowerPoint's Slideshow, in contrast with slide edit view)?   Idon't have a 
color printer so print preview shows a greyed out picture.  Should I install 
a dummy printer and go print preview, or what?
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10/15/2004 3:17:03 PM
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Print Preview won't show you a full screen image. You've already seen what 
it looks like apparently. If you download a dummy driver, you could at least 
see it in color.

JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

"J.K. August" <J.K.> wrote in message
>I want to preview an MS Publisher pub, as a full screen picture (like
> PowerPoint's Slideshow, in contrast with slide edit view)?   Idon't have a
> color printer so print preview shows a greyed out picture.  Should I 
> install
> a dummy printer and go print preview, or what?

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jl_amerson (3088)
10/15/2004 5:29:05 PM
I don't know which version of Publisher you have, but Publisher 2002 and 
2003 have print preview. Older versions (2000 and older) do not have a print 

Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP
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"J.K. August" <J.K.> wrote in message
>I want to preview an MS Publisher pub, as a full screen picture (like
> PowerPoint's Slideshow, in contrast with slide edit view)?   Idon't have a
> color printer so print preview shows a greyed out picture.  Should I 
> install
> a dummy printer and go print preview, or what? 

bkvalheim (1291)
10/16/2004 3:26:43 PM

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