Bulova 98W12 Diamond Series Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch Recommendation Discount Watches

Bulova 98W12 Diamond Series Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch
Recommendation Discount Watches

Bulova 98W12 Diamond Series Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch Site:

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Bulova 98W12 Diamond Series Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch
AdditionalInfo :

Watches Brand :   Bulova Watches ( http://bulova-watches.pxhelp.com/ )
Gender :          Ladies
Model :           bulova-watch-98W12
Also Called :
Case Material :   Two-tone Stainless Steel
Movement :        Quartz
Crystal :         Mineral
Dial Color :      White Mother-of-pearl
Clasp :           Two-tone Stainless Steel
Bezel :           24 Diamonds
Case Thickness :
Water Resistant : 30m/100ft

Bulova 98W12 Diamond Series Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch. Mother
of Pearl dial, diamonds on bezel, quartz movement, two-tone stainless
steel, water resistant up to 100 ft / 30 m, scratch resistant mineral

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