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a) Please do not post in all capitals.  It is difficult to read, and is 
considered shouting, which is rude.
b) There are no upside-down pages in your booklet.  If you re-load the paper 
the wrong way around to print the reverse side, then the page will be 
printed the wrong way up.  If your printer tells you how to do this, either 
you are not following instructions properly or your printer is wrong.  If 
your printer does this automatically, you will need to change the settings 
on your duplexer to not rotate the reverse side.

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher 

the_nerd (6344)
8/15/2005 7:07:30 PM
Does this happen when you print? There should be a option in your print setup. Clear 
"flip pages up" or something similar.

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP
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gsauer (5094)
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I need to create a booklet and want to do it in a 4.25X5.5 sixe using 8.5X11 paper and printing2 pages per side of a sheet. Booklet will end up being about 20 page total printed on both sides. I can't figure any relatively easy way of doing it with Word or Publisher. Can anyoune help? With that size you will need to cut each sheet of 8�" x 11" into two pieces of paper. If you do that you will need to tell the printer you are using 4.25X5.5 paper. Publisher makes great 5�" x 8�" booklets. Can I talk you into changing your mind? -- Don -------- Vancouver, USA - One ...

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I want to be able to set up AND print an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet on Publisher 2007 I can set one up; but it only prints "one page" and I can't seem to change the print to "2 page" How many pages does your booklet have? In the print screen type the pages you want to print. If you look at print preview, click the multiple page icon, you will see what page is next to what page. These are the numbers you need to type. If you have a four page booklet, type 1,4 for the front & back covers. Type 3, 2 for the center pages. -- Mary Sauer "WindS...

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I have a booklet that is only a quarter page when closed (so 4.25 x 5.5 when looking at the cover, when closed, and half page when open). This is no problem - I just cut off the blank half of the page when done printing. The problem is that I'm doing a large run of these small booklets. Is there a way to print two copies per page? So that I can take a paper cutter and cut each page down the middle, then fold each half into the appropriate booklet? Thanks! Jeff Wow wrote: > I have a booklet that is only a quarter page when closed (so 4.25 x > 5.5 when looking at the cover, w...

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Hi how many pages can a booklet have? Is there a limit to the pages in a publisher booklet. Each page has three photos. There is no limit, your RAM may decide for you. What version Publisher? -- Mary Sauer MSFT MVP news:// "Verystumped" <> wrote in message > Hi how many pages can a booklet have? Is there a limit to the pages in a > publisher booklet. Each page has three photos. ...

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I have a problem.... I have a 28 page booklet in Microsoft publisher that needs to be published to PDF version for emailing to headquarter and the regional staff. (2 pages per landscape letter-size paper - front and back) The PDF add-in works great however, the pages are not in the correct order after I convert to a PDF publication. The program repaginates the pages as it would if it were printing to a hard-copy/printer. I am quite baffled, have spent countless hours on the Microsoft internet help sites trying to find out how to format the document correctly before the conversion ...

front and back booklet printing
I am having trouble with printing landscape with page 1 on back left 2 on front left and 3 on front right, and last on back right. print preview shows perfect but spits out 2 of the pages on half the width of the letter size paper. What version Publisher? In 2007, if you are printing one side then the other manually... File, print, in the page range, type 1,4. There is a print preview on this screen. Turn the page over, type 3,2 in the page range. If you are using earlier versions, Print, current page, click no to query. Turn the paper over, print, current page, no again. -- Mary...

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I have designed a 14 page booklet, A5 size for each page. The other side of the front cover and back cover are designed to be blank, which is Pages 1 and 14. They Print OK. The problem is that when I print the pages, which are not in multiples of 4, they do not print in the order that I require. For example, instead of Page 3 and Page 12 printing on the same sheet, Page 3 prints on it's own and same with page 12. Any help would be appreciated. Note that each sheet of paper is four pages; therefore you have to work in with groups of four pages. -- Don Vancouver, USA "Rog...

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I'd like to be able to print a report as a multipage booklet A5 in size, any suggestions of how i might be able to do this would be appreciated Easiest way FinePrint ( which acts as a Postscript printer. You give it the appropriate settings to configure the result as a booklet, and it takes care of the whole thing. Or Click Book from Blue Squirrel Software. Both run around $50 US. Doing it natively in Access would probably be a major headache and cost you more in time to develop for one report than the cost of...

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My MS Publisher document is an 8-page (landscape oriented) booklet on 8,5 X 14" paper. My new Copytronix Bizhub 350 is able to crease and saddle stitch staple booklets, but only when in booklet mode. The Copytronix then moves around my pages to where I do not want them. Now I have to convert my document to 8 singlesided, 8,5 by 11", portrait oriented pages that the Copytronix machine then can put in booklet mode, crease and staple. Anybody out there who has had the same problem? -- Annemieke This is a printer issue, you would do better asking Copytronix. Are you setting ...

Publisher 2003 booklet printing
The booklet is set to 2 pages per A4 landscape. My printer is not a duplex type so I can print double-sided using the manual paper tray and turning the printed page over and feeding for the next side. However, if I use Word, I can print odd pages first, reload all into the auto tray and then print the even pages. Why doesn't Publisher allow that procedure in its printer dialogue? Brian. Brian Salt. For email reply, replace all before '@' with briansalt. View, uncheck 2 page spread. Page 1, Print, current page, click "no" to the query. Tur...

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I would like to create a booklet that is separated like a regualr booklet except I would like p. 1 & 2 to be on the same piece of paper. The reason, I would like to staple the booklet on the top and flip up but, still conserve paper by having the booklet have 4 pages to one (2 next to each other, flip page, the next 2 next to each other). The reason, the printer / copier double staples only on the edges, not in the middle. Please advise on what I need to do to make this happen. Create a four page booklet and fill only pages 2 and 3. -- Don - Publisher 2000 Vancouver, USA &qu...

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I am preparing a Catholic Mass booklet on an A4 side folded page to give me 4 pages. I have used Verdana font 8 points and it looks satisfactory. Page 1 contains the title, a photo etc. The other 3 pages are full. I am looking for advice as to whether or not there is another font and point size that might be more suitable. I'm using Publisher 2002. I posted this earlier in the wrong place. Sorry Thanks Art I suspect the font is a matter of taste. I was sent a Catholic service booklet for Lent, it was all done in Arial 10 pt. Eight points seems small, hopefully your parish...

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Hello, I have created a booklet, but am having trouble with the settings. It is an 8 page booklet and everything looks great while working on it. When I go to "print preview" it displays the booklet on one large sheet (instead of showing two side by side like when I was working on it) and displaying only 1 and 1/4 pages that says it will print that way. When I used to hit "print preview" at my old office/computer it would show the booklet pages (example page 2 and 3) right next to eachother that looked just like what I was working on in a PDF looking document (no...

How do I set up a centerfold print for a booklet?
I have a 50 page booket and I want the center pages to print as a centerfold. Any ideas? All but the centerfold and the pages on the reverse side of the centerfold can be done with the booklet fold option. You'll need to print the centerfold and the two other pages as a separate print job. Actually, when you determine which two pages the centerfold section will be, you can just make those two pages blank and let the backside print, then remove that sheet and print the center fold on it. Assuming that you are using a letter size sheet which is folded, you would set up the centerfol...

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We've created a school newsletter and thanks to the duplexor in the printer we get it to print front and back but we are wondering if there is an easy way to get Publisher to print the whole think in booklet form on 11 by 17, for example pages 1 and 4 on one side and 2 and 3 on the other side and then folding in the middle? Your ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan -- Daniel P. Cayea Capital Region BOCES NERIC Peru Central School District If you setup your printer for tabloid, setup your page for a booklet, Publisher will print your newsletter correctly withou...

booklet #6
Why are the middle pages of my booklet blank? Everything was going so well . .. . but from 40 (the middle) to 41 . . . I have a blank page. How do I correct that? number of booklet pages should be divisible by 4, so if your booklet is ok at 40 pages, delete page 41 if it's empty...and slide page 40 to wherever you want it..."this page intentionally left blank" :-)...or put something on it. -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rob Giordano Microsoft MVP Expression "Hope" <> wrote in message news:A94E3A93-BA97-4936-A565-495735121DCF@...

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How do I create an eight-fold booklet, one of the ones you make with little kids, with eight pages on a single-sided sheet of paper that you later fold. Dimensions ~2.75" x 4.25" per small page, on an 8.5" x 11" paper? Tried doing it with "multiple pages per sheet", but it just gave me business cards. Using Publisher 2007. Take a look at PocketMod. I have an example on my web site that includes Publisher instructions. There is the official site with a YouTube video. -- Mary Sauer h...

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In past years, I have been successful in transferring, by cut/paste, a church directory from our membership software over to Publisher for printing. (This is necessary since our membership software will not paginate properly for printing.) I have been trying to do this recently for a different church and am having difficulties. I have created a blank booklet in Publisher and am trying to cut/paste the directory from our membership software to Publisher. What tranfers is everything jumbled up on top of each other and it doesn't even transfer onto the pages. It all sits down belo...

Booklet Format Text Flow
Using Publisher 2000 to create a booklet: Is there a way to have text automatically flow across only ODD numbered pages? We would like the left-hand pages of our booklet to be blank for notes and all the text to appear on the right-hand [odd numbered] pages. Thanks for your help. After managing to set up OE-QuoteFix on his new PC, Ed reads a message from gsgreene <>... > Using Publisher 2000 to create a booklet: Is there a way to have text > automatically flow across only ODD numbered pages? Create text frames on all your odd-numbered pages, and link them u...

Creating and Printing a booklet from Publisher 2003
I hope someone will be able to help me soon. I am in the process of creating a booklet 8 1/2 by 11 and am having a little problem with printing. I cannot find a template like the one in publisher 2000 under the 2003 version. The booklet will be sent out for printing and the company that I use only has the 2000 version of publisher. She is unable open the document even when I save it as a lower version and is therefore unable to print it. How can I rectify this problem? Thanks Myrttle <> was very recently heard to utter: > I hope someone wil...

Previewing a booklet
Is there a way to view the booklet layout, using either Publisher 2002 or 2007, before printing? I know that I can view the individual pages in print sequence. Is there a way to "flip through" the booklet from page 1 to 2 to 3, etc.? You could create a new publication, save as a new name, set the booklet to individual pages, you then could flip through them in sequence. On the print preview page there is an icon on the toolbar that allows you to see multiple pages at one time. -- Mary Sauer "PatJennings" <> w...