Hi everyone,

I have to subtract a custom duration field from the start field to get
an important information from my project.
When I try do to that like: "[Start]-[Duration4]" the result is a
totally confused date.
How do I get this date?

Best regards,

Marco Ferreira
4/5/2010 6:44:45 PM
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Hello Marco,

Try the expression ProjDateSub([Start],[Duration4]). 

Best Regards,
Ismet Kocaman

"Marco" wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have to subtract a custom duration field from the start field to get
> an important information from my project.
> When I try do to that like: "[Start]-[Duration4]" the result is a
> totally confused date.
> How do I get this date?
> Best regards,
> Marco Ferreira
> .
4/5/2010 9:03:41 PM
You can't subtract a duration from a date.
You can subtract a date from a date, or a duration from a duration.
That's why there are different data types.
Or you can use one of the datediff functions.
Trevor Rabey
61 8 92727485

"Marco" <marcopf@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Hi everyone,
> I have to subtract a custom duration field from the start field to get
> an important information from my project.
> When I try do to that like: "[Start]-[Duration4]" the result is a
> totally confused date.
> How do I get this date?
> Best regards,
> Marco Ferreira 

4/6/2010 7:19:03 AM

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