Non-working work week

Is there any way to make an entire week a non-working work week? As
in, a task is going to take 25 days, but the 4th of July occurs in the
middle and you want to show that during that week (or 2), no work will
occur. Besides creating a new task or extending the task during.
Thanks in advance!
2/23/2010 10:07:18 PM
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Open up the calendar, "Tools", 'Change working time..', then simply select 
the days you want as non working.   Make sure that the calendar you change is 
the Project calendar and is the basis for all other calendars such as 
individual resource calendars.

Hope this helps


"RVE" wrote:

> Is there any way to make an entire week a non-working work week? As
> in, a task is going to take 25 days, but the 4th of July occurs in the
> middle and you want to show that during that week (or 2), no work will
> occur. Besides creating a new task or extending the task during.
> Thanks in advance!
> .
2/23/2010 11:22:01 PM

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