Formatting 'Hours' in work field with out decimals

I need help in formating the work hours showing rounded off to next hr, 
rather than showing with one decimal. Appreciate help
1/26/2010 8:05:01 PM
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What about using the Round function?

Round([Field],0) - or something like that syntax.

- Andrew Lavinsky

> I need help in formating the work hours showing rounded off to next
> hr, rather than showing with one decimal. Appreciate help

1/26/2010 8:48:39 PM
On Jan 26, 2:05=A0pm, drjayr2002 <>
> I need help in formating the work hours showing rounded off to next hr,
> rather than showing with one decimal. Appreciate help

There is no way to change then number of decimal places in the Work
field.  You could insert a custom text field and use the formula:
Round([Work]/60) & " hrs"
1/26/2010 9:11:14 PM
On Jan 27, 1:05=A0am, drjayr2002 <>
> I need help in formating the work hours showing rounded off to next hr,
> rather than showing with one decimal. Appreciate help

Yes, you can do it using macros. Note, you don't need to be an expert
to understand the below code.

1. Choose Tools | Macros | Macro (or) Alt + F8; Macros dialog box
should be displayed
2. Enter the name of the macro, say "RoundWork"; you will observe
"Create" button is enabled
3. Paste the below code inside the function
Sub RoundWork()
Dim ts As Tasks
Dim t As Task
Set ts =3D ActiveProject.Tasks
For Each t In ts
If Not t Is Nothing Then
If Not t.Summary Then =3D AsymUp( 60) * 60
End If
End If
Next t
End Sub

 Function AsymUp(ByVal X As Double, _
            Optional ByVal Factor As Double =3D 1) As Double
   Dim Temp As Double
     Temp =3D Int(X * Factor)
     AsymUp =3D (Temp + IIf(X =3D Temp, 0, 1)) / Factor
   End Function
4. Save the macro.

*How it works?*
1. The above code gets the list of tasks in the *active* project and
if it is not a summary task, it rounds its current work. The number 60
in the formula AsymUp(t.Duration / 60) * 60 indicates the number of
minutes per hour.
2. When the above macro is run, the duration and assignment units may
get adjusted accordingly (see Task Type and Effort driven indicator)
3. I have written a custom function AsymUp(), and not used Round() or
Fix(). Round() rounds to the next hour only if the its decimal value
is greater than 0.5 and also Fix() will be truncate the decimal
3. Warning! The above code will overwrite the existing values in  work

To run the macro visit Tools | Macros | Macro and run the macro.

Please let us know if this helps.

1/27/2010 8:53:50 AM

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